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Specialize and Thrive! Elevate your fitness & health career! We offer the specialized education necessary to build on your existing skills as a fitness & health pro, and become qualified to serve a market that desperately needs trainers like you. 

MedFit Classroom has the world’s most comprehensive library of medical fitness specialist certificate courses.

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Most courses approved for CEUs. Check individual courses for CEU organization and approval details.

Payment plan available for purchases of $399 or more. (3-payment plan. Start for only 1/3 down at time of purchase.)

Foundations of Medical Fitness

Although not required, we recommend new students start with the 20-hour online course, Foundations of Medical Fitness: A Comprehensive Course for Specialists.

Are you interested in becoming a Medical Fitness Specialist, and earning a certificate of specialization, but you don’t know where to start, or which chronic disease or medical condition is your “favorite?” This course will prepare you with the fundamentals of working with chronic diseases and medical conditions. 

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