Osteoporosis Fitness Specialist Online Course


This product is an online, self-study course.

Many fitness professionals lack the knowledge to safely and effectively design fitness programs that specifically meet the needs of those diagnosed with Osteoporosis, or at risk of being diagnosed. Many trainers are intimidated to take on clients with osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other bone issues. These clients need and can benefit the most from a sound, sensible, bone-enhancing fitness program. This course will go over the basic physiology of bones, certain diseases or conditions affecting bones, the use of diet and exercise to restore and maintain healthy bones and their functions, and how to program an exercise regimen, including regression and progression, to reduce the risk of traumatic falls in clients wanting healthier bones.

Course Author: Mark Kelly, Ph.D.

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Course Objectives

  • Discuss basic bone physiology and how bones respond to stress including Wolf’s Law of bone remodeling.
  • Provide the basic information on disease conditions such as osteopenia, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and how they related to bone physiology.
  • Explain the role of exercise and diet in restoring and maintaining healthy bones and avoiding the previously mentioned bone diseases.
  • Discuss how Strength, Agility, Flexibility, and Equilibrium (S.A.F.E.) exercises all contribute to healthy bones to keep someone safe from future injury and debilitating conditions.
  • Show exercises which fulfill the SAFE factors and how to regress or progress them for clients.
  • Discuss the role of medications and nutrients in bone health and how certain medications may help or affect exercise and diet practices.

Course Overview

  • Lesson 1: Boning Up on Bones – Understanding Anatomy and Physiology of Bones
  • Lesson 2: Nutritional Factors That Can Increase or Decrease Bone Density
  • Lesson 3: How Exercise Can Increase Bone Density and Prevent Osteoporosis
  • Lesson 4: Assessments – Determining Where Your Client Should Start
  • Lesson 5: Programming – Plugging It All Together
  • Lesson 5.a: Programming – Exercises for the Gym
  • Lesson 5.b: Programming – Exercises for the Home
  • Lesson 5.c: Programming – Exercises for the Park
  • Lesson 6: Marketing and Promotion – Getting the Word Out and Monetizing Your Knowledge and Skills

Course Delivery and Assessment

This is an online course; all materials are delivered virtually. This course is delivered through a written course manual, video narrated slide presentations, videos of sample exercises, and sample forms. Comprehension of the material will be measured via a mandatory, multiple-choice item, competency assessment requiring a minimum of 80% correct responses in order to pass.


The completion of this specialization course, and the passing of its corresponding competency assessment, leads to a Certificate of Specialization. All of the online courses on MedFit Classroom which lead to a Certificate of Specialization are considered advanced level education, and are meant to be taken by fitness professionals who have previously acquired education and experience as a professional within the health and fitness industry. In order to receive the Certificate of Specialization, upon completion of this course you will be asked to provide proof of the following:

  1. Evidence of a bachelor’s or master’s degree in fitness or health related field AND/OR possess a certification from a nationally-recognized certification, NCCA or ANSI/ISO accredited program AND
  2. Evidence of professional liability insurance.

*If you do not meet the requirements for a Certificate of Specialization, you can request a Certificate of Completion.

Renewal of Specialization

This Certificate of Specialization will be considered valid for a period of two years. To keep the certificate current, you must complete 10 hours of continuing education, on relevant subject matter, and formally renew the certificate prior to the date of its expiration. As with many certifications and specializations in our field, professionals should anticipate some costs to continuing education and renewal of this certificate.

MedFit Classroom CEUs

The Osteoporosis Fitness Specialist course provides 10 CEUs toward renewal of MedFit Classroom fitness specializations.

Other Continuing Education Credits

This course is approved for credit by:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) to provide 0.9 CEUs.
  • canfitpro to provide 4 CECs.
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to provide 10 CEUs.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to provide 1.0 CEUs.

If your certifying body is not listed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Specialization at the end of the course that can be used to petition your certifying body for credit.

About the Author

Dr. Mark P. Kelly has been involved with the health and fitness field for more than 30 years; as teacher in colleges and universities; as a personal trainer, group exercise leader, coach; and as an athlete who achieved a national ranking (6th in 25-29) in duathlons in 1993. He received his B.S. in Kinesiology and Psychology from UCLA. He got his M.S. degree from Louisiana State University, Health Science Center in Physiology, and a Ph.D. in Exercise Science and Education Administration from the University of New Orleans. He is actually finishing another degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University and hopes to use it for Corporate Wellness and Safety.

He has been a research scientist for universities and many infomercial projects. He has more recently performed research and studies in Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. He is on the advisory board for the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the MedFit Education Foundation and Baraka Community Wellness in Boston, and has developed a 5 level (bone stress) exercise system for trainers, as well as a comprehensive performance training system called “Train SMART”. He hopes to develop a phone app for this system.

Mark was an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise where he produced many workshops, webinars, presentations at conferences, and training videos. He has spoken nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics, including exercise and aging, and exercise and the brain functions both of these were in Hong Kong. He currently speaks on the uses of exercise for clinical purposes, and its impact on the brain and body. Mark has produced several continuing education products in the medical fitness arena. Mark is a professor in several colleges and universities in Orange County, CA., where Principle-Centered Health- Corporate Wellness & Safety operates. He is still a competitive bowler, trail and mud runner, and has two daughters who keep him on his toes- or sometimes on his back!