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Course Description

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Course Description

Obesity is a complex, chronic, and treatable medical condition, and major driver of preventable chronic disease and health care costs. Indeed, more than 236 chronic health conditions are directly caused by or exacerbated by excess weight. The prevalence of adults living with obesity in the United States has increased from 15% in 1980 to more than 42% today, a jump of more than 200%. At present, 2 out of 3 adults carry excess weight and as many as 1 out of 5 adolescents do as well.

Obesity is a complex, life-long disease that makes effective treatment a perplexing challenge. The main causes of obesity involve a combination and an interaction of numerous factors: environment, genetics, medications, psychological inputs, diseases, hormones, bacteria, and lifestyle factors. Because of the complex interplay between these various components, no single treatment is effective across the population.

It’s time for those fitness and health coach professionals who are seeking robust career advancement to fully recognize the vast opportunities available in bariatric and metabolic medicine, and to grasp the need for collaborative efforts for more effective obesity care… and to destigmatize this commonly misunderstood disease.

In medicine, the traditionally accepted designation of professionalism is “board certification.” For fitness professionals and health coaches to emerge on the continuum of healthcare, this specialty course in bariatric and metabolic disease will propel your knowledge and ability to provide excellent care to those with obesity, including the more than nearly 260,000 patients who’ve turned to metabolic and bariatric surgery. Surgery is a major event in a patient’s health-seeking journey and represents a new beginning for many.

Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery with good aftercare and appropriate evidence-based lifestyle changes provides the most robust results for health and weight. Non-surgical, medical obesity treatment options are rapidly evolving as well and can offer more significant weight reduction and improvements in metabolic health compared to lifestyle changes alone. Many studies show that we are all more likely to engage in better habits when we know that someone will be supportively checking in with us. For this reason, most surgical and non-surgical obesity programs plan for long-term follow-up visits with a medical provider (a surgeon, physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner), dietitian, mental health professional, exercise specialist, or health coach.

We’ll describe metabolic and bariatric surgery as well as medical obesity management. We will review compassion-based communication and cognitive-behavioral methods necessary for exercise and fit-health pros to develop an essential role in obesity management and/or create new program offerings for bariatric surgery and medical obesity treatment centers. Business boosting methods including the use of telehealth and how to best collaborate with healthcare providers will be highlighted as well. Armed with this certification, you will be differentiated and emerge as a leader in this relatively new field of obesity and metabolic disease management

Course Description

Fitness professionals are an integral extension of Phase III-IV cardiac rehab programs. We coach the client to move and perform better in their game of life, beyond their cardiac history, co-morbidities and risk factors. People don’t live to be safe and healthy; they live safer and healthier to live life to the fullest.

Our coaching transfers to real life outside the gym, and that’s why people seek out our services. So for those with a cardiac history, our goal is to fortify their body, mind and spirit, so that they CAN live, labor, work, caregive, play and compete with confidence, competence and automaticity in their environments of choice. We bolster their buffer, boosting their protective factors, while adding purpose to living life and enhancing all aspects of well-being.

Pat VanGalen will help you fine-tune your coaching skills, due diligence practices, intake info, screening/assessments and programming systems to optimize living life for this client. You’ll better understand the latest wearables in monitoring and tracking, along with networking and communicating with medical professionals.

Beyond FITT and Rx, case studies addressing common cardiac conditions, meds and co-morbidities will be presented, along with Pat’s 7 S’s approach to building resilience, durability and robustness for the long haul. 

Course Description

Did you know…
  • …that exercise creates new brain cells and new brain neural pathways for better brain function through the growth hormone BDNF.
  • …that a “bigger belly” (increased abdominal fat) leads to a shrinking brain size.
  • …that movement and exercise increases learning capabilities throughout the lifetime.
The Cognitive Fitness Specialist online course will be a powerful component and “tool” for every fitness professional.

Fitness professionals are the “experts” implementing effective and goal orientated exercise programs. The brain plays a major role and affects the body’s movement capabilities. Cognitive Fitness Specialists will enhance their client training capabilities and outcomes by understanding the concepts of cognition fitness.

There is an evolution in understanding the work of the heart and entire cardiovascular system for fitness professionals. We have gone from patients lying still following a cardiac event to movement- rehabilitation where some patients eventually have run marathons! We are in the process of learning and understanding how the “brain- body connection” enhances physical and academic performances.

Fitness professionals understand the many medicinal benefits of exercise. These “landmark” beneficial effects (such as increased aerobic and muscular skeletal fitness) are the foundation for your program along with enhancing athletic type performances. The brain-body connections play a major role in achieving these medicinal benefits.

Course Description

Every 21 seconds someone in the US is diagnosed with diabetes with 90-95% of those cases being Type 2. Diabetes has a profound impact on our healthcare system and can lead to comorbidities such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, nerve damage, and more.

The good news: doctors recommend diet and exercise as interventions to help those with Type 2 Diabetes (T2D).  Though they provide nutritional guidance via certified diabetes educators and registered dieticians that study T2D and diet as interventions, there is little support on what and how to exercise and beyond 30 mins or daily walking or exercise.

This course is designed to help fitness healthcare professionals better understand the science, research, applications, and integrations of different types of exercise and how they support clients and patients with T2D. The course will also address behavior change support to provide strategies to confidently and comfortably integrate exercise into daily and weekly practice.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide medical and fitness professionals the knowledge needed to safely and effectively design and implement exercise programs for eating disordered individuals.

Gain an in-depth understanding of various types, symptoms, and causes of disordered eating, as well as how it affects the basic functions and health and wellness of both the human body and mind. Examine how to safely introduce fitness programs that will improve overall health and wellness for your clients.

Understanding the types, symptoms, causes, and possible treatment methods, as well as the mental health components of eating disorders, is paramount when working with this population.

Course Description

The aging of America is birthing new opportunities for medical fitness professionals. Today, and every single day for the next decade, 10,000 baby boomers will reach the age of 65. This generation is made up of roughly 73 million people who control more than two-thirds of the disposable income in the United States.

These mature adults strongly value their independence to continue living the active lifestyle they love. They are determined to live longer, stronger, happier and healthier lives than their parents. It’s estimated that 80% of the older population has one chronic disease and 77% have two or more. Diabetes, hypertension and complications from falls lead the list of health concerns.

This means millions of people aged 65 and up are looking for guidance from fitness professionals who are knowledgeable in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle principles that can help them improve functional mobility while also preventing and managing chronic conditions to live their highest quality of life.

This online course will give you insights, strategies and tools to be a successful health professional in this rapidly growing market. Learn how to be a valued part of clients’ continuum of care, working with the medical team to improve functional outcomes and positively impact people’s lives.

Course Description

Over 1 million Americans undergo joint replacements every year. Most of these procedures are life-changing, helping the recipient to get back to activities of daily living and improve their quality of life. But the work of recovery does not end with rehabilitation. Many are left with decreased overall strength, range of motion, as well as some movement dysfunction that has the potential of further improvement.

This course is a comprehensive education for the fitness professional to be able to safely and effectively train total joint replacement recipients. The professional will be able to confidently discuss the anatomy, physiology, the neurology of post-medical joint replacements and how to work with both clients and medical professionals alike. Additionally, marketing and business instruction will help the student employ this education immediately to build a network of referrals and generate and maintain total joint replacement clients.

Course Objectives

  • Understand why joints degenerate and may need replacement
  • Understand who makes a good candidate for a joint replacement
  • Understand common joint replacement technology
  • Understand joint replacement rehabilitation prior to post-medical training
  • Understand the role of the fitness specialist in post-medical training
  • Understand basic neurology for movement
  • Learn techniques and strategies to train clients who have undergone total joint replacement to improve their long-term outcomes

Course Description

Most people will experience back pain at some point in their lives, in fact over 80% of people will suffer from back pain at one time or another. But only a few have the resolve to seek answers and find relief. How many times have you heard from a friend, client or family member that they have low back pain but have no idea what to do about it.

Our spine is literally the “core” of our body. Without a strong and more importantly stable spine we can’t perform well, whether in a sporting event or activities of daily life. Everything we do with our body starts from our spine and moves outward. And when there is some dysfunction in the spine we are either at best limited in our performance or at worst, in pain.

As a fitness professional having a client with a spinal condition can viewed as a real obstacle. What should you do? Or more importantly what shouldn’t you do? And how do you progress this client so that they become stronger and able to move well again and hopefully with less or no pain. The answers to these questions and much more are covered in the course Spinal Health Fitness Specialist.

Course Description

The Fitness Industry is ever-evolving with programs to meet the needs of adults, but what about our younger population? There is a lack of versatile exercise programming to meet the developmental changes and needs of youth and adolescent clients.

This course is exploration of adolescent psychological and anatomical development to inform proper and sustainable exercise and nutritional programming measures for the younger population. Learn basic guidelines for adolescent nutrition and exercise parameters to encourage healthy wellness behaviors and decrease vulnerability to chronic diseases. This course presents opportunities for developing professional fitness and nutritional programming to meet the needs of the adolescent clientele.


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