Screens, Assessments, and Tests: Connecting the Dots


Navigating through the many types of evaluations can be confusing, not to mention the challenges of how to prioritize and use the information that is gathered. To make matters worse, the “evaluation language” is often ambiguous. Terms such as screens, assessments and tests are often used interchangeably and separate from a cohesive and systematic approach. This webinar aims to help simplify the approach to evaluations by classifying the various types of evaluations in order to determine which evaluations are most appropriate, how to organize the information and most importantly how to prioritize programming options based on the evaluation findings.

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Chris McGrath is an internationally recognized educator and practitioner in the areas of movement and performance training, injury prevention, behavior change, and leadership and professional development. His versatility as an educator has landed him teaching and consulting roles with the American Council on Exercise, TRX, Functional Movement Systems, Star Trac, Reebok/SCLA, Town Sports International, and many other organizations, as well as published work in text books, research journals, and numerous magazine and web articles.

Chris is an assistant professor at Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY in the Athletic Training, Health and Exercise Science division. He holds a master’s degree in Sports Performance and Injury Prevention and a bachelor’s degree in Health Education. As the founder of Movement First, LLC, an education and consulting organization, Chris has positively influenced the lives and careers of thousands of consumers and fitness professionals. Chris currently lives in Tenerife, Spain.