Being Well With Chronic Illness

Explore the mindset of being well and the Wellness Spiral, a framework or guide to return to wellness. Through research about neuroplasticity, mindfulness, and gratitude Kat will share stories of resilience from her experience with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. This will include the importance of building and maintain close relationships and how this can lead to longevity. Additionally, Kat will share research about Blue Zones.

This webinar was presented live Tuesday, July 18. Any offers or discounts mentioned may no longer be active.

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Kat Hill is from Portland OR USA. She believes that we can choose joy in our lives no matter what we are faced with. Movement, mindfulness and gratitude help her navigate the challenges of living with Young Onset Parkinson’s disease.

After her diagnosis at age 48, she left her career as a nurse midwife after delivering over 800 babies. Now, she is an author and advocate for finding wellness despite a diagnosis. She speaks around the world for the World Parkinson Congress and The Davis Phinney Foundation and also is a co-founder of the Women’s Parkinson’s Project.

Her co-authored book, Being Well with Chronic Illness, is available at all book outlets. She also hosts the podcast PD Lemonade on Apple iTunes and Spotify. You can find her at