Chronic Inflammation: The One Unifying Link Between All Diseases


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Presented by Shira Litwack

According to Harvard Health, the one unifying link between all diseases, mental and physical is the presence of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation comes from an imbalance in our redox state, our production of pro-oxidants, vs our supply of antioxidants.

This webinar will discuss:

  • The link between chronic inflammation and disease
  • Oxidative stress to chronic inflammation
  • Endogenous vs. exogenous sources
  • What defines Aging? (Hint: It is not the presence of fine lines and wrinkles as our cosmetics wants us to believe!)
  • Epigenetics
  • The power we have over genetics!

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Shira believes in an integrative approach to healing – disease prevention and recovery is all about orchestrating the inner cacophony into a beautiful symphony. Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle habits construct our inner ecosystem, which determines if we are able to fend off or succumb to illness.

Shira’s practice consists of in-person coaching for people with chronic medical conditions, employee health, professional speaking, online coaching and webinars. Shira has been in chronic care management and prevention for 30 years, specializing in lifestyle habits including holistic nutrition, medical fitness and reducing chronic inflammation, which is at the root of all of our chronic illnesses, both mental and physical. She admittedly is a science geek, and research is her passion.

According to the CDC 75% of Illness is lifestyle, not genetic. Genetics is thought to be only 5-10% of cancer occurrence

Exercise is a vital member of our Inner ecosystem & therefore, Integrative Oncology. The myths and misinformation create mayhem. Shira is regularly consulted by Naturopaths, oncologists, health coaches on cancer exercise and exercise adherence. No 2 people, even with the same cancer and treatment protocol, will have the same exercise recommendations – this is unique per person.

Shira has been interviewed & published in hundreds of resources over the last 12 years. Articles featured in: ezines, ArticlesInk, European Registry of Exercise Professionals, The National Post, Investment Executive Magazine, Directory of Greater Toronto, Canadian Leukemia & Lymphoma Association, Prostate Cancer Canada, Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, Anytime Fitness, Today’s Black Woman, and Today’s Seniors.

Shira has been interviewed on: City TV, National Public Radio, Sirius XM Dr. Rehab, Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, Living Cancer Free, Web Talk Radio, Voice America, Obesity Control Center.

Visit Shira’s website,

Shira’s education and experience includes:

  • Director of International Relations, Cancer Exercise Training Institute Master Trainer
  • BSc Psychology & Chemistry McMaster University
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Holistic Nutrition, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Total of 18 exercise designations
  • Addiction Recovery Counsellor: U of Toronto Medical School & CAMH
  • Subject Matter Expert, American Council Exercise (ACE)
  • Radio talk show host, featured on a number of other Radio shows as a health coach & cancer exercise specialist