Agility… Can We Keep It?


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Presented by Pat VanGalen, MS

Agility, often coined the champion of neuromotor abilities, is hit the hardest with aging. Is it a deficiency in sensory input or output? A physiological, neurological or motor issue? An exposure issue? Or a combination

In a provocative update on its contribution to automatic movement and fall resistance, and its role in pursuing lifelong physical literacy, including brain health, Pat will present the most relevant and practical findings from rehab, research, gerontology, masters athletics, S&C and sport coaching, and surely tweak your current system of training older adults.

Rethink opportunities to fire, wire, and rewire circuits to preserve and enhance agility for decades to come.

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Pat VanGalen launched her professional career 40+ years ago in physical education and coaching, then spent the next 10 years in corporate-industrial fitness, health promotion, cardiac rehab and injury risk reduction programming design, implementation and management.

​In 1990, Pat expanded her services to designing and teaching personal training and group exercise certification courses, providing continuing education workshops, lecturing, tutoring, executive health coaching, and authoring lay and professional articles in Asia, Australia and the U.S.

​Pat has been a trainer and instructor prior to the existence of certifications. Her rehab-to-performance experience makes her a dynamic, informative and very inspiring speaker, trainer, teacher and coach.

Pat holds an MS in Physical Education, emphasizing Exercise Science and Cardiac Rehabilitation. Pat wrote her thesis on “Compliance in Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Programs.” Her certifications include:

  • Certified Functional Strength Coach
  • ACSM Personal Trainer and Exercise Test Technologist [ACSM]
  • FMS1 and FCS certified
  • Functional Aging Specialist [FAI],
  • ACE certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, and Group Exercise Instructor
  • Network [Australia] Strength Professional Examiner, and Lifestyle Counselor in Weight Control [AALC-LEARN-Cooper]