5/21/24 Webinar | The Use of Foods and Phytochemicals to Alter the Microbiome and Obesity

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Tuesday, May 21
10:00-11:00am PT (1:00-2:00pm ET)

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There are so many different strategies preached on how to lose weight that it will make your head spin! If you are not a biochemist or physiologist, how can you tell what some medical doctor on You Tube is telling you versus what is real? Let a biochemist and physiologist, Dr. Kelly, tell you what is real. He will discuss how plant chemicals affect our microbiome to improve health and reduce obesity. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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Dr. Mark P. Kelly has been in the health and fitness industry as an athlete, coach, trainer, and professor for about 45 years. As an athlete he competed for the UCLA Intercollegiate Bowling team and was a nationally ranked duathlete in 1993 (6th in the 25-29 age group). He also won his only body building contest and continued to be in several fitness magazines. He has written for many fitness magazines and book chapters for fitness organizations. He worked at the American Council of Exercise, has spoken internationally, and currently is a professor at several schools in Southern Orange County.