Discover Your Life With Breath As Medicine
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Disordered breathing is affecting adults and children either causing or the result of a myriad of health issues related to heart health, sleep health, autoimmune, nervous system disorders, upper respiratory disease, mood disorders, pain, digestive disorders and so much more.⁠ We can no longer afford to have the discussion around health, wellness and fitness coaching without including the art, science and application of breath work in our practitioner toolbox.⁠ ⁠

In this seven-hour, 6-lesson course, you will learn the how’s and why’s to transforming your current coaching and training models into nasal dominance as a means for creating autonomic stability, and balance for physical, mental and emotional health and performance.

Continuing Education Credits: Completion of this 6-hour course generates a Certificate of Completion. Continuing education hours can be obtained for NBC-HWC by taking and passing an associated quiz (sold separately). Details are within course.

*NOTE: This course originally aired in March 2020 as a 6-part Webinar Series called, “Breath As Medicine for Aging and Active Adults.” You may not want to purchase this course if you previously purchased that entire previous webinar series, as you have access to those recordings.

Presented by Ed Harrold

Breathwork & Performance Coach, Author, Educator, Authentic Leadership Coach & Consultant

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