Supplements: The Physiology Behind Trying to “Out Supplement” Nutrition


The benefits of whole foods and how our body processes and utilizes what we consume does not equate to taking supplements for the same reason.

This webinar will highlight the absorption and cellular use of what we eat versus what we take, why a dietitian or doctor would recommend supplementation, and how the overuse of such products has misled individuals to believe a false sense of “healthy”.

This webinar was presented live on Tuesday, September 14. You are purchasing a recording. You have 30 days from purchase date to download.

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Megan Johnson McCullough is the owner of Every BODY’s Fit fitness studio in Oceanside CA.

She holds an M.A. in Physical Education and Health Science, and is currently a candidate for her Doctorate in Health and Human Performance.

Megan is a NASM Master Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Drug and Alcohol Recovery Specialist. She’s also a professional natural bodybuilder, published author, fitness model, wellness coach, as well as a certified group exercise instructor (Zumba, Aqua, Cycle, Yoga). She is also a published author of 5 books.