Discover Your Life With Breath As Medicine

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Lesson 1: The Nose Knows

Mouth breathing and nasal breathing play two very different roles in the communication between heart, brain and Autonomic Nervous System.  The length, depth & pace of our breathing offer completely different physiologic and biochemical processes. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is taking a deep breath in and out through our nose.  Discover why nasal […]

Lesson 2: Heart Health

Heart Disease is the #1 chronic illness condition in our culture today even among those with regular fitness routines.  Elevated heart rates are part of our exercise routines.  However, when proper nasal breathing rates and patterns are in place, we can judiciously take excessive pressure off our cardiovascular system to lower heart rates and improve […]

Lesson 3: Behavior Change and Neuroplasticity

To be resilient defines how well we can adapt and recover quickly from demanding situations. Resilience is the strategy around improving our cognitive and emotional abilities to healthfully process these demands. We build resilience through our Parasympathetic Nervous System and Vagus Nerve. In this webinar, we’ll learn how breathing is intimately tied to emotional centers […]

Lesson 4: Recovery Strategies

Applying parasympathetic qualities to the sympathetic qualities of exercise, is key to optimizing our gains.  Rest and recovery protocols are a vital part of any exercise or fitness program no matter whether you’re an elite athlete, gym rat or aging adult. With the level of stress in our culture, there’s never been a more important […]

Lesson 5: Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs

Arguably, warm-ups and cool-downs are the most undervalued tool in most exercise and fitness programming.  Learning how to prepare the various systems of exercise for movement and unwinding what we just wound up, is key to both short term and long-term success in athletic and fitness programs. Instead of warming up with our musculoskeletal and […]

Lesson 6: Weight Loss

The secret to effectively losing the weight, becoming a fat-burning machine and transforming patterns of behavior happens with the exhale; the nasal exhale. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the role of nasal breathing and nasal breathing techniques to lose weight efficiently and effectively while transforming habitual patterns of behavior. Learning Objectives Explain the role of […]

Epilogue: Discover Your Life With Breath As Medicine – What Should I Do Next?

I. Get credit for this continuing education. Now that you have completed the six lessons that comprise this course, here are three reasons why you should move on to take and pass the comprehensive assessment for this course found in the next and final lesson. If you wish to receive a formal Certificate of Completion […]

Competency Assessment for Continuing Education Credits (optional)

Length: 0 minutes

Well done! Now that you’ve completed the lessons in this course, it appears you have chosen, and are ready, to assess your comprehension and mastery of the course material. This competency assessment has a total of 17 questions, some ‘multiple choice’ and some ‘True-False.’ You must receive a score of 80% correct, or better, in […]