Five Six Joints: Wrist & Hand


The live presentation of this webinar has passed and is no longer available for purchase.

The content from this webinar, and all other Joints in the series, will be available for permanent access via an online course on MedFit Classroom in July. The course will include all webinar sessions, plus bonus content and CEUs. Sign up to be notified of the course release. You can click here to sign up to be notified of the course release.

Dr. Higgins has added a 6th joint to the original “Five Joints” series! In this additional webinar, he will cover the wrist & hand.

What joint has the biggest amount of space dedicated to it in the brain… The hand and wrist! The marvelous hand/wrist can be an amazing inroad to clients movement, function, and pain. Understanding how to evaluate and train the hand can make changes for clients that will make you seem like a wizard to your clients. Dr. Higgins will explore the fascinating anatomy, neurology, and practical techniques to train the hand.


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