Yes, Fascia IS the Answer to Everything: 3 Undercover Secrets about Fascia’s Role in Hydration


Join presenter Gina Bria to uncover these 3 undercover secrets…

# 1: Fascia is made of a special kind of water that is not H2O.
# 2: Fascia is the previously unknown hidden irrigation system of the body.
# 3: Fascia is a superconductor able to signal instantaneously.

Get ready to be kicked upstairs as a knowledge broker in your field!

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As founder of The Hydration Foundation, anthropologist Gina Bria spreads the science of how plants transform liquid water into gel water, or H3O2. She shares how we can adapt and use these ideas now in our water-challenged world for better hydration and better water protection world-wide.

As a thought leader on the topics of hydration, energy, and water purity, she has shared the TEDx stage with leading water researchers, Dr. Gerald Pollack of the Pollack Water Lab, Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, and Algonquin Grandmother Elder, Nan Andry. She has presented her work in rejuvenation and longevity at worksites in industries as diverse as IT companies, museums, sports conventions, schools, hospitals, and health and wellness gatherings. Her forthcoming book, QUENCH: Reclaim your Energy and Health with the New Science of Hydration, including A Five Day Plan to Get You Hydrated, is co-authored with Dr. Dana Cohen, MD, an innovative integrated physician in New York City.