The Case for DHEA


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Presented by Stephen Cherniske, MSc

One of the most confusing issues in healthcare today is the role of DHEA in aging, health and disease. While some claim that it is a magic bullet that will confer health and longevity, others believe that it has no value or may actually be dangerous. As a result, millions of Americans ignore what is arguably the most important anti-aging and health-sustaining substance available today.

This webinar will discuss the controversy, with careful attention to human clinical trials and peer-reviewed biomedical literature relating to the maintenance of muscle mass, bone density, exercise tolerance and immunity.

This webinar was presented live on August 18, 2020. You are accessing the recording, presented via GoTo Webinar. [You can click here to download a PDF of the presentation].


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Stephen Cherniske, MSc is a biochemist with more than 50 years of academic, clinical and research experience. He taught university clinical nutrition, directed the nation’s first FDA-licensed clinical lab specializing in nutrition and immunology, and served on the faculty of the American College of Sports Medicine.

His book, The DHEA Breakthrough (Random House 1996) was an international best-seller which helped to launch the anti-aging movement worldwide. Cherniske is considered to be the chief architect of the metabolic model of aging – now the predominant model used in research protocols throughout the world.

In 1998, he was chosen to direct the Bioregenics Project, an international research effort to explore the physiology of aging. In 2002, the project was completed with irrefutable evidence showing that the underlying causes of aging can be modified by nutrition, diet and lifestyle. Specifically, more than 150 repair functions – in virtually all tissues of the body and brain – were found to be driven by DHEA

This remarkable four-year research project formed the basis for his next book, The Metabolic Plan (Random House, 2003) and his latest work, written with his wife, Dr Natalie Kather, entitled, The Metabolic Makeover (Altea Media, 2014). Between 1996 and 2016, Cherniske conducted hundreds of interviews and presented more than 4,000 hours of lectures to professional and lay audiences. In these interviews and scientific conferences, he encountered tremendous resistance to the use of DHEA. At the same time, more than 7,000 additional studies on DHEA were published, leading to a clear understanding of the chemistry, function and clinical value of this important hormone.