Balance for Life


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Presented by Dr. Katharine Forth

Physical balance can change from one day to the next. No matter your state of fitness, everyone experiences fluctuations in balance. So how do you know how much your balance changes and what does that mean? Balance can be complex, but when you measure it, you can see which interventions work best for you and each of your clients.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the key factors that affect balance, how to measure it simply and safely, and how to adapt your training plan to your client’s state to keep them moving forward.

This webinar was live broadcast on March 10, 2020. Watch the recording on GoTo Webinar via the button below.


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Dr. Katharine Forth is CEO and co-founder of Zibrio, the balance company. She has a doctorate in motor control and conducted a postdoctoral fellowship at NASA.

She is an expert in postural stability and has created award-winning balance training programs for older adults. Zibrio’s products measure physical balance and also provide a balance specialist training course for personal trainers who want to help clients maintain or improve their balance as they age.