Body Awareness Training: The Missing Link in the Exercise Continuum


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Presented by Dr. Mark Erickson

Exercise professionals are well-positioned to thrive in the wellness and prevention as well as the rehabilitation environments.  Physical wellness is multidimensional construct and includes a range of traditional exercise subcategories such as flexibility, strength, posture, nutrition, balance, and cardiorespiratory training.  The missing link in this traditional wellness model is body awareness.  Body awareness is the intersection of mind and body and is fundamental to optimal human movement.  There is a lack of understanding about the importance of body awareness, how it can be assessed and how to effectively facilitate enhanced body awareness for clients seeking better performance in movement related activities ranging from getting out of bed in the morning to the performing arts to the highest levels of athletic performance and competition.

This webinar will discuss the use of body awareness training and The Feldenkrais Method as a unique and effective approach to somatic education/body awareness training.

Dr. Mark Erickson, who has been utilizing the Feldenkrais Method of body awareness training in his physical therapy practice for 35 years, will introduce the Feldenkrais Method and its fundamental concepts, examination procedures and training strategies through an engaging presentation.  He will also include Awareness Through Movement lessons to provide participants with experiential learning that will facilitate comprehension of this method and its applications for your practice and for you personally.

This webinar will open the door to a new perspective on enhancing human function, and provide an opportunity to expand your practice and offer clients a novel and profoundly effective method to reach their goals by expanding kinesthetic awareness for comprehensive physical wellness and mind-body wisdom.

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Dr. Mark Erickson, PT, MA, DScPT, OSC, COMT, holds an Associate Professor faculty position within the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Florida Gulf Coast University where he teaches Therapeutic Exercise, Orthopedic Assessment and Rehabilitation, Clinical Reasoning, and Care and Prevention of Human Performance Injuries.

Dr. Erickson has been practicing physical therapy thirty-five years and teaching in entry-level PT, orthopedic residency and post-professional continuing education for twenty-seven years.  He has a very active scholarly agenda focused on innovative teaching and learning, clinical reasoning, manual therapy, orthopedic assessment and treatment, and integrated patient care.  He is also a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and applies body awareness into both patient care and student learning.

Dr. Erickson is a dynamic speaker and has presented at several national and regional conferences on multiple topics.  He also owns and operates a private practice focusing on persistent pain, orthopedic injury and surgery, golf fitness and rehabilitation, and the performing arts.