Free Launch Webinar: “Osteoporosis Fitness Specialist” Online Course



MedFit Classroom is pleased to announce the launch of a new online specialization course, Osteoporosis Fitness Specialist.

Join course author Mark Kelly, PhD, for this free webinar presentation to learn more about the course before you purchase.

During the webinar, Dr. Kelly will:

  • Provide an overview of the course
  • Discuss the benefits of up-leveling your education and completing this specialization
  • Answer questions from live attendees
  • Webinar registrants will be eligible for an exclusive launch discount on the course (50% off!)

This webinar was presented live on January 28, 2021. Any offers or discounts mentioned during the webinar may no longer be active. Recording presented via GoTo Webinar



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Dr. Mark Kelly has been actively involved in the fitness industry spanning 30 years as a teacher of exercise physiology, a trainer of trainers, individuals, and groups. He has educated people in boot camps, on athletic teams, at academic institutions, and in the gyms. He was an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise where he developed workshops, webinars, written content, and videos. He has experience in the corporate world teaching and assessing workers as a corporate wellness director, and analyzing the health of fireman, sailors, and other laborers at a Functional Capacity Evaluation specialist. In addition, to the academic and professional positions, Dr. Kelly was a nationally-ranked duathlete, competitive marathoner and baseball player, collegiate bowler, and still is a competitive trail and mud runner.

Dr. Kelly has led many studies in the fitness product industry, written personal training manuals and produces workshops, articles, webinars, and educational courses in the fitness and health industries both nationally and internationally. He is currently teaches kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry to those going into clinical health care fields at various community colleges in Orange County, CA.. He is developing a complete training system, and app using technology, for assessments and programming to improve human performance and quality of life for those who are medically compromised as well as those who have health. He hopes to launch Train SMART in the beginning of 2018.