Are You Ready to Offer Exercise As Medicine?

Become a Medical Fitness Specialist!

Why this Course?

Are You Ready to Offer Exercise As Medicine?

Become a Medical Fitness Specialist!


Over the past few decades, the population of the United States, and other industrialized nations, has been sitting more, moving less.


Consequently, the incidence of many chronic conditions, including type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, orthopedic issues, and metabolic syndrome, have dramatically increased. 

Unfortunately, the rise in chronic disease has been mostly ignored. Fitness can be, should be, and is the frontline of healthcare.

We know exercise and activity can help in primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention, and positively affect chronic conditions. Fitness professionals trained in program design and management, who have knowledge of chronic disease, and in collaboration with health care providers, are in a prime position to help clients and patients ease the burden of chronic disease.

The Medical Fitness Specialist online course will prepare you…

  • to collaborate with clinicians and healthcare providers.
  • to help clients prevent, alleviate and/or manage over 30 chronic diseases/medical conditions.

What's Included in the 20-hour online course:

    • Module 1: Scope of Practice
    • Module 2: Assessment and Programming
    • Module 3: Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Disease
    • Module 4: Exercise and Metabolic Disease
    • Module 5: Exercise and Orthopedic Dysfunction
    • Module 6: Exercise, Aging, and Overuse
    • Module 7: Business Matters
  • Prologue: Welcome to the Medical Fitness Specialist Course
    • Introduction: Chronic Disease
  • Module 1: Scope of Practice
    • Lesson 1: Chronic Disease and the Benefits of Exercise
    • Lesson 2: Scope of Practice and Health Risk
    • Lesson 3: Rapport and Psychology
  • Module 2: Assessment and Programming
    • Lesson 4: Postural and Movement Assessments, and Corrective Strategies
    • Lesson 5: Cardiorespiratory Assessment
    • Lesson 6: FITT
  • Module 3: Exercise and Cardiopulmonary Disease
    • Lesson 7: Coronary Heart Disease
    • Lesson 8: Hypertension
    • Lesson 9: COPD and Asthma
  • Module 4: Exercise and Metabolic Disease
    • Lesson 10: Diabetes
    • Lesson 11: Hyperlipidemia
    • Lesson 12: Body Composition, Overweight, and Obesity
    • Lesson 13: Metabolic Syndrome
    • Lesson 14: Cancer
    • Lesson 15: Pregnancy
  • Module 5: Exercise and Orthopedic Dysfunction
    • Lesson 16: Core, Balance, and Gait
    • Lesson 17: Common Shoulder Dysfunctions
    • Lesson 18: Common Dysfunctions of the Distal Arm
    • Lesson 19: Common Hip Dysfunctions
    • Lesson 20: Common Knee Dysfunctions
    • Lesson 21: Common Dysfunctions of the Lower Extremities
  • Module 6: Exercise, Aging, and Overuse
    • Lesson 22: Low Back Pain
    • Lesson 23: Arthritis
    • Lesson 24: Osteoporosis
  • Module 7: Business Matters and Course Competency Exam
    • Lesson 25: Business Considerations
    • Lesson 26: Competency Assessment
  • Epilogue: Medical Fitness Specialist – What Should I Do Next?

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Approved for CEUs:

More Info About This Course

This 20-hr online course is for fitness and health professionals who want to learn more about using exercise as medicine with patients who suffer from one or more chronic diseases including cardiovascular, pulmonary, metabolic, or orthopedic dysfunction. As a Medical Fitness Specialist, you will be able to prevent and/or manage numerous chronic diseases, and collaborate with clinicians.

Course Delivery and Assessment

This is an online course; all materials are delivered virtually.

This course is delivered through a written course manual, video narrated slide presentations, videos of sample exercises, and sample forms. Comprehension of the material will be measured via a mandatory, multiple-choice item, competency assessment requiring a minimum of 80% correct responses in order to pass.

System Note: We recommend students access courses using Firefox as their browser. The Google Chrome browser can automatically play all videos in a lesson at the same time, which may be an extremely annoying feature for some, and for which, at the present, there is no easy fix in the Google Chrome settings.

Course Prerequisite

The Medical Fitness Specialist online course is considered advanced level education, and is meant to be taken by fitness professionals who have previously acquired education and experience as a professional within the health and fitness industry. In order to receive the Certificate of Specialization that is conferred upon those who complete the course and successfully pass the competency assessment, you must show proof of the following:

  1. Evidence of a current certification, or vocational credential, from a reputable certifying or credentialing organization, and within the health and fitness industry; OR
  2. Evidence of an associate’s degree, or higher, from an accredited college or university in the field of exercise science, kinesiology, physical education, fitness, or a related field; AND
  3. Evidence of professional liability insurance; AND
  4. Evidence of 5 years of relevant work experience.

Maintaining this Specialization

This Certificate of Specialization will be considered valid for a period of two years, and to keep it current, you must complete ten (10) topically relevant, continuing education hours, prior to the date of its expiration, and you must formally renew the certificate. Professionals should anticipate and consider the cost of the required continuing education, as well a nominal renewal fee.

MedFit Classroom CEUs

This Specialist Course provides up to 10 CEUs for other MedFit Classroom Specializations. Download our CEU chart (PDF) to find out what specializations it will provide credit CEUs for. [Under column “Specialization Providing CEUs” look for Medical Fitness Specialist].

Other Continuing Education Credits

This course is approved for credit by:

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) to provide 1.9 CEUs
  • Canfitpro to provide 4 CECs.
  • International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) to provide 20 CEUs.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to provide 1.9 CEUs

This course is pending application and approval to provide continuing education from ACE. If your certifying body is not listed, you will be provided with a Certificate of Specialization at the end of the course that can be used to petition your certifying body for credit.

About the Course Author

Dan Mikeska’s mission is to improve population health and to increase the quality of life by connecting education, medicine, and fitness. This goal can be achieved by providing an educational pathway for fitness professionals who want to become respected members of the healthcare community, prompting clinicians to prescribe exercise, and encouraging patients to enlist the services of a qualified fitness professional.

Dan’s philosophy centers on the fact that human movement is a complicated and coordinated effort between your muscles, skeleton, and metabolism, and everyone is different. Knowing how each of the systems of the bodywork, independently and in concert, is essential in the development of an effective fitness program.

In addition to a doctorate degree in Health Science and a master’s degree in Human Movement, Dan has some of the most sought after certifications from The National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise, the Cancer Exercise Training Institute, and the Exercise is Medicine credential from the American College of Sports Medicine.

His education and vast experience have given him the opportunity to work with notable organizations such as Life with Cancer and 2Unstoppable, as well as teach fitness and wellness classes at Northern Virginia Community College. He is currently adjunct faculty for A.T. Still University’s master’s of Kinesiology program, and is a member of the Industry Advisory Council for American Public University’s Sports and Health Science program.