Foundations of Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching

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Competency Assessment: Foundations of Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching

COURSE COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT INSTRUCTIONS The following competency assessment consists of a total of 49 questions. This assessment is not timed, and it will be graded immediately upon it being submitted by you for grading. You will receive an immediate notification of your score. A score of 80% correct answers, or better, is required in order […]

Epilogue: References, Additional Resources, and Further Professional Development

References MODULE 1 Sforzo, Kaye, Todorova, et al. (2017). Compendium of the Health and Wellness Coaching Literature. Sforzo, G. A., (2019). Compendium of Health and Wellness Coaching Literature: 2019 Addendum. NBHWC Code of Ethics. NBHWC Scope of Practice. ICF Code of Ethics. ICF Client Referral Guide. MODULE 2 Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change, […]