CEU Webinar Course | Alzheimer’s Comes Out of Everywhere

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CEU Webinar Lesson 2 (Quiz) | Alzheimer’s Comes Out of Everywhere

CEU WEBINAR QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS Below is a button called “View the Lesson Quiz.” The following quiz consists of a 10 questions pertaining to the webinar recording you just watched in the previous lesson. This quiz is not timed, and a correct score of 90%, or better, is required in order to pass the quiz, advance to […]

CEU Webinar Lesson 3 (Certificate) | Alzheimer’s Comes Out of Everywhere

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OBTAINING YOUR CERTIFICATE Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have successfully passed the quiz of the previous lesson, and have reached the last lesson of this CEU Webinar Course. Passing the quiz, and completing this CEU Webinar Course provides one (1) CEU for all relevant MedFit Classroom Fitness Specialist courses. (Check […]