FREE WEBINAR: Your Essential Purpose

Highly engaged people who live each day with passion and purpose have three outstanding characteristics:
  1. They are committed to best practices
  2. They are committed to continual learning
  3. They have great personal clarity.
How does one develop personal clarity? They are able to answer 4 questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I here for?
  3. What matters the most?
  4. What matters the least?
A key pillar towards answering these 4 questions is to understand your essential purpose. When you discover this, you become a better friend, a better parent, spouse, co-worker, leader, and member of your community. Uncovering your essential purpose will benefit everyone around you and specifically, the reflection in the mirror.
Presented by Jonathan Dunn, Senior Coach at Floyd Consulting. Jonathan is also an award-winning, dynamic public speaker. His topics range from internal corporate communication, to creative inspiration, to the power of creating a caring culture to living a fun and fulfilling life. Jonathan’s passion and enthusiasm for helping people achieve their dreams is undeniable. His unique ability to connect and engage his clients in the pursuit of their best lives is one of a kind.

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