Week 3 RECORDING: Utilizing Genomic Insights to Help Achieve a Healthy Weight

This webinar is week 3 of the 4-week series, “Exploring Your Health Journey Through Genomics

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Week 3 was presented live on August 13. You will receive a recording of this session. You will have access to the live webinar recordings until September 3.

Why does it seem some people can eat “everything” and never gain a pound, while others seem to gain weight by just “looking” at food? Your genetics may be the answer. Research has identified certain genes that influence our relationship with food as well as our propensity to gain weight. Incorporating the role of genomics in your weight journey can help bring greater clarity in understanding hidden reasons you may be struggling to achieve a healthy weight.

There are over 10 million known SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in the human genome that define our individual differences.  Our genetic expression is strongly influenced by environmental factors (diet, exercise, nutrition, toxin exposure). 

This webinar series will focus on helping you understand the role your unique genetic variations can have on your health and help you tailor lifestyle factors to help optimize your health.


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