Prepare Your Clients for the Physical Demands of Travel


This webinar was live broadcast on February 4, 2020. Any offers or discounts mentioned may no longer be active.

Presented by Kymberly Williams-Evans, PhD (ABD)

Do your clients or class members want to travel but need more strength, stamina, and mobility? Do they worry they’ll miss the world because they lack physical ability? Put together a workout program designed specifically for active boomers and ambulatory older adults wanting to increase endurance, aerobic capacity, and functional strength, whether on a road trip, abroad, or sightseeing nationally. Capture additional clientele, add an additional revenue source, and dominate in a huge, yet largely untapped niche. Train your people to get to the places they want to see and handle the adventures they want to have in their second, active half of life!


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Kymberly Williams-Evans, PhD (ABD) has taught fitness on land, sea, and airwaves covering 4 continents in 4 languages for almost 4 decades. Former faculty at University of California Santa Barbara in both the Department of Exercise and Sports Studies and English, she specializes in functional, accessible baby boomer group exercise.

Kymberly has been in the fitness industry since the first aerobics studio opened — with her — in Europe back when leg warmers were the rage and before the Berlin wall fell.

Her latest program, Fit2Travel, helps others travel with energy and ability.