Joints of the Human Body: An Exploration of Six Joints and Their Wholistic Relationship

Overall body performance and health is greatly linked to the function and health of joints. This course will be a focused look at individual joints that then “zooms out” to see how each joint affects and is influenced by the whole body. Function will be explored anatomically, clinically, biomechanically, and discuss how they are best trained for rehabilitation and performance. Special focus on the holistic influence of each joint on the body will be presented.

Presenter Dr. Grove Higgins has been a laboratory-based biomechanics researched and tele-health provider. He wants to impart his experience with participants so they can begin to use online training platforms to effectively evaluate and work with clients immediately, especially in this time of isolation and social distancing. Learn how to start seeing specific issues on video and ideas on how to effectively teach and cue clients online. Dr. Higgins is joined by Coach Pat Higgins throughout the course.


Prologue: Welcome to the Joints of the Human Body Course Lesson 1: The Foot/Ankle Complex Lesson 2: The Knee Lesson 3: The Hip and Pelvis Lesson 4: The Shoulder Lesson 5: The Elbow Lesson 6: Assessments (Part 1) Lesson 7: Assessments (Part 2) Lesson 8: The Wrist/Hand Complex Epilogue: Joints of the Human Body – What Should I Do Next? Course Competency Assessment (Optional) BONUS Lesson 9: The Spine (Part 1) BONUS Lesson 10: The Spine (Part 2) References and Resources