Genetic Testing and Personalized Programming for the Fitness Professional

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Course Synopsis:

This course is designed to train students on the utility of genetic testing in the context of a fitness practice. We cover both the scientific and business applications of genetic testing to help fitness professionals improve programming for their clients and grow their business with genetic testing as a cutting-edge complimentary fitness product. (Total Course Length = 2 hours, 26 minutes; 24 lessons)

Associated Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand the structure and function of genes
  • Describe the difference between the genotype and phenotype
  • Define single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP)
  • Understand the complex interplay between genes and environment
  • Define epigenetics
  • Identify lifestyle factors that can impact gene expression
  • Describe the difference between genetics and genomics
  • Identify domains of health and fitness that are impacted by genetics
  • Describe the potential value of genetics in enhancing fitness programming
  • Ability to utilize genetic reports to modify client programming
  • Identify various ways that genetic testing can add value to a fitness business
  • Ability to creatively package DNA products to drive revenue in a fitness business

Summary of Modules:

Module 1: Business Cases – How to Package Tests, Ways to Incorporate Testing to Increase Revenue

In this module we focus on how to use genetic testing as a way to increase revenue in the context of a health and fitness business. We offer several different options for packaging genetic testing to encourage clients to sign up for personalized programs. We also give several real world examples of how to go about integrating genetic testing into your fitness business and creative strategies for packaging genetic testing with existing service. (Module length = 30 minutes; 5 lessons)

Module 2: Basics of Genetics

This module is a primer into the world of genetics. We introduce chromosomes and their role in housing genetic material (DNA). We discuss how our cells translate genetic material into action via transcription and translation of the genetic code. Then we cover how we inherit biological characteristics from our parents and how mutations and variations in our genes impact our biology. Last, we introduce the concept of the gene-environment interaction and how it affects our physiology and our mental and physical characteristics. (Module length = 33 minutes; 6 lessons)

Module 3: Genetic Variation in Fitness and Health

In this module we introduce and expand on the concept of epigenetics and discuss how our environment can impact the expression of our genes. We discuss the rapidly growing field of genomics which studies the complex interaction between our environment, our genes, and gene expression as it relates to health and disease. We also review several specific single nucleotide polymorphisms  that impact different areas of health relevant to health and fitness professionals including ability to lose weight, performance, mindset, injury risk, nutritional needs, and recovery. (Module length = 46 minutes; 8 lessons)

Module 4: Application of using genetics in a fitness practice

This module is all about application of genetics to your client population. We review 3 case studies of clients and describe in detail how genetic testing can be used to help better understand each case and how the information obtained from this testing can be used to help modify client programs to optimize results. (Module length = 37 minutes; 4 lessons)