Whole Person Integrative Eating


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Course Author: Deborah Kesten, MPH

The course is ideal for those health professionals aspiring to instill healthful and optimal food-and-eating behaviors in their patients, clients, coachees, family, and friends, and in themselves. By addressing the underlying and multidimensional “whole person” causes of what (food choices) and how (eating behaviors) we eat, the Foundations of Whole Person Integrative Eating® (WPIE) Certification Course brings evidence-based, scientifically sound knowledge and practical strategies to treat the root causes of overeating, overweight, and obesity. The course accomplishes this by providing the knowledge, skills, strategies, and “in action” techniques for health professionals to guide clients, patients, and coachees to make the behavior changes needed to implement WPIE as a dietary lifestyle; a lifetime practice.

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The Foundations of WPIE Certification Course provides in-depth study of WPIE competencies. The twenty modules in the course cover the core competencies, guidance on how to employ them in a WPIE-based practice, and coaching skills to facilitate WPIE-based behavior change.

Primary Objectives:

  1. An overview of the scientific basis and principles of Whole Person Integrative Eating;
  2. An understanding of the effects of biological, psychological, spiritual, and social nourishment on overeating, weight, and well-being;
  3. Skills to work with clients and patients to develop and implement behavior-based action plans for implementing Whole Person Integrative Eating in both personal and clinical settings.