WEBINAR | An Introduction to Cannabis’s Role as an Emerging Therapeutic Agent


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Presented by Jakub Pritz, PhD

Cannabis has long been used by man in a variety ways for a variety of reasons.  Today, we are beginning to understand how the plant can be applied usefully in lifestyle as well as specifically in medical treatment. This talk is designed as an introductory overview of cannabis, its constituents and the current understanding regarding how those constituents interact with the body.  The California cannabis market is in transition as the industry is still implementing the regulatory framework.  This has allowed the recreational market to create an environment with diversity of claims; however, the science behind the application of cannabis is only emerging.   This talk will help give insight as to where current science stands regarding cannabis applications as well as explore some novel approaches in its use.

This webinar will cover:

  • Brief history of cannabis.
  • What are the receptors the active compounds bind to
  • What are the effects of cannabinoids on the body?
  • Explanation of the diversity of products that currently exist
  • Exploratory application

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Jakub Pritz, Ph.D. has been working in the cannabis industry since 2015 as a separation operator and consultant for the production of recreational cannabis oils and other cannabis-related products.  He can attest to current cannabis production methods and what the person should be aware of.  His interest is to create botanical extracts of cannabis to be delivered in differing modalities depending on the effects sought and data affirmation.  For example dosage control in inhalation for acute pain relief, transdermal applications for arthritic pain and oral methods for digestive symptoms.  Patrons should be aware of the euphoric effects of THC and the interactions cannabinoids have with one another in varying ratios.

Prior to this, Jakub held a post-doctoral position at UCSD’s Moore’s Cancer Center where he was in charge of data management and accruing international radiation oncology centers to join the International Evaluation of Radiotherapy Technology Effectiveness in Cervical Cancer (INTERTECC).  This trial required the coordination of several centers to follow strict data collection standards, quality checking of the institution capabilities and implementation of plan protocol.  He received his Ph.D. in Applied Physics (concentration in Medical Physics) from the University of South Florida in 2011.

As an athlete, Jakub competed in the Patriot League as a swimmer, setting records along the way.  During his graduate school years at the University of South Florida, he participated in, coached and competed with their water polo club.