5/14/19 WEBINAR | How to Rebuild Healthy Foot Function


5/14/19 WEBINAR | How to Rebuild Healthy Foot Function


Tuesday, May 9, 2019
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST

If you can’t watch live, a recording is sent to all registrants the day following the live broadcast.

Presented by Yamuna Zake

The feet are our foundation. Without well aligned and full functioning feet other parts of the body are apt to breakdown. Learning a step by step approach to rebuilding strong, flexible functionally healthy feet is ket to longevity and maintaining a healthy lasting structure.

You will learn the steps it takes to rebuild the feet which include:

  • Building awareness of what your present foot function is.
  • Learning how to self test to see how your feet function and what work you need to do to rebuild full function
  • Learning several variations of Walking tests to build awareness of your foot patterns and how to keep correcting them.
  • Direct stimulation of the heel creating the negative heel and the foundation for thrusting forward with the rest of the foot.
  • Learning how to begin building the lateral edge of the foot to begin rebuilding the arch from the lateral foot.
  • Learning how to work the 3 lines of the foot, lateral. center, and inner.
  • Learning how we create each of the common foot problems and how to correct them yourself.

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