Training Clients with Knee or Hip Replacements


Training Clients with Knee or Hip Replacements


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Course Author: Dr. Dan Ritchie, Ph.D.

Currently over 7 million Americans are living with joint replacements of the knee or hip, so fitness professionals need to be comfortable working with them. Over the next ten to 15 years that number is expected to double, and while those numbers are large approximately 8-10 times that number of clients struggle with joint arthritis and other conditions and this course will help train them more effectively as well.

The Training clients with Joint Replacements course is designed to help the fitness professional or personal trainer become more confident in dealing with joint replacement clients and clients dealing with major degenerative joint issues.

If you are currently training clients with hip or knee replacements, this course will give you more strategies and more confidence to work with them safely and appropriately. This course is focused on knee and hip replacements only. The shoulder, ankle and other joints will not be discussed.

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