Road Trip to Better Health
Workbook & Audio Course


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Author: Ashley Koff, R.D.

A set of exercises developed and guided by award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff, RD. The exercises help you get the clarity you need for your destination (health goal – what you really, really want), your current location (where is your body today), and choose your better path to get there. Koff provides real life patient examples from her over two decades of experience as well as her signature sense of humor to make this doable, and even, make it fun! She is your better Road Trip partner to help you navigate yourself to your better health goal(s).

You Should Grab The Road Trip to Better Health Workbook & Audio Course…

  • If you are spending time, money or investing effort into your health and not getting results.
  • If you know better nutrition will help your body, but wonder what is better nutrition for your body?
  • If you worry that you have INFObesity – this course includes an exercise for INFObesity assessment and to improve your INFOload.
  • If you work with clients or groups that want help getting out of their heads to get on their paths to better health powered by better nutrition.

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When you use The Road Trip to Better Health course you identify and learn to remove any roadblocks keeping you from your better health. Use the workbook and audio guidance from award-winning nutrition expert Ashley Koff RD to discover your better path to reach your health goal(s).

Like any road trip, you can find the shortest route and it might be the better one for you. In this case, that is about 3 hours of focused time – but there are Pit Stops! Otherwise, you may prefer to take longer breaks or need to go the more scenic route. This could mean breaking it up into about 9, 30-minute segments that you spread out over a few days, nights or weekends.