Revo₂lution Running: Home-Study Course


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Author: Jason Karp, Ph.D.

Running Economy | VOmax | Lactate Threshold

Have you ever found a passion that burns deep inside of you that you jump out of bed every morning and run with it, even before making your bed? For Chief Running Officer, Dr. Jason Karp, it all started with a race around a track in sixth grade. A love and passion were born, and that love and passion were cultivated and nurtured. This course uses science and a deep understanding of physiology to explain just how running works:

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Your Revo₂Lution Running™ Home-Study Course includes:

  • Nine (9) comprehensive, professionally-written manuals which are more in depth than the live course manuals, taking you through a detailed tour of Running Physiology, Running Technique, Running Training, Running Workouts, Running Injuries, Running for Weight Loss, Running Programs in Gyms, Revo₂Lution Running™ Group Treadmill Class, and Running Coaching.
  • Sample training programs for 5k, 10k, half-marathon, & marathon.
  • Multiple choice exam (online).
  • Certificate of completion.
  • Entrance into the Revo₂lution Running™ certified trainers directory.
  • Promotion to thousands of people through our social media channels and email list.
  • Continuing education credits from 7 organizations.
  • Autographed copy of Dr. Karp’s bestselling book, The Inner Runner.
  • Exclusive Revo₂lution Running™ t-shirt.
  • Discounts on shoes, apparel, and nutrition from partners.

Note: You do not need to attend a live course before taking the home-study course.