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Presented by Lynn Marie Morski, MD, Esq.

How often has a patient/client come to you with a mystery pain or illness with no clear physiologic cause, but as you’re treating them, it’s clear that there are places in their lives causing more than enough friction to lead to somatic findings?

We all know the root of disease is dis-ease — and that so very many of the ailments we’re treating every day are caused or exacerbated by stress from those areas of our lives where we lack ease. This is why when patients come to you asking what they can add to help treat their condition, the answer is instead that they need to subtract something: namely whatever is causing the stress in their lives. Because when you’re in a job, or relationship, or city, or mindset, or friendship that isn’t right for you, the ever-intelligent body will be the first to speak up. And we can either listen to it when it’s whispering, and the symptoms it’s using to whisper to us (like a slight racing heart or gnawing feeling in our stomach) are still minor, or we can ignore it until it starts screaming at us with full-blown ulcers or depression or chronic pain, all of which are much harder to treat.

This webinar will show you how to use strategic quitting to remove whatever is keeping you stuck and preventing you from living your most dis-ease-free life, and how to pass that on to your patients and clients.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The physical and mental effects that are likely symptoms of stress or discord
  • How to educate patients about tuning into their bodies so they can detect when these symptoms
  • How to investigate what exactly is leading to the symptoms and needs to be quit
  • How to get patient buy-in to quitting whatever isn’t working for them
  • That self-care is important but that it can only treat the symptoms of whatever isn’t; strategically quitting the cause of stress is the true cure

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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is a Quitting Evangelist. She helps people to and through their quits through her book “Quitting by Design” and her podcast Quit Happens, along with speaking and coaching. She is also a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, currently working at the Veterans Administration. In addition, she is an attorney and former adjunct law professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Dr. Morski began her professional life as a multimedia designer, then made a major career change and embarked on a medical career which began at St. Louis University School of Medicine, then continued with family medicine residency at the Mayo Clinic and a sports medicine fellowship at the University of Arizona. During this time she was published in the American Journal of Family Medicine and presented at an International meeting of the American Society for Sports Medicine.

After obtaining board certification in Family Medicine and a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine, Dr. Morski began law school at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, CA, where she graduated as valedictorian in December 2014. She was admitted to the California Bar in June 2015. Prior to writing a book and beginning her podcast, she was an adjunct professor of health law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and served as co-founder, Chief Medical Office and in-house legal counsel for MedRepublic.

When not doctoring, lawyering, or preaching the gospel of strategic quitting, Lynn Marie can be found doing yoga, throwing around kettlebells or a steel mace, playing multiple musical instruments and dancing like everyone’s watching.

Visit her website, lynnmariemorski.com