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Longevity Wellness Specialist


Longevity Wellness Specialist


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Grow Your Business: Become A Specialist

Today everyone is seeking anti-aging therapies to slow and/or reverse human aging. Individuals want to feel rejuvenated and renewed. Learn the biological processes involved in aging and the longevity research that will help your clients lead a healthy and productive life. The course provides a wealth of information for clients of all ages — especially Baby Boomers that need your training experience, knowledge and expertise.

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The course is approved for up to 17 credit hours. See this partner’s website for more details.

Course Objectives

  1. Describe exercise and its relation to disease.
  2. Review human physiology and endocrinology.
  3. Examine theories on aging, secrets of the immortals, suggestions regarding the benefits of hormone replacement.
  4. Define age-related systems in the body and the benefits of properly maintaining them to slow or reverse the aging process.
  5. Explain emerging environmental hazards and detoxification basics.
  6. List cutting-edge anti-aging nutrients, vitamins, co-vitamins and cofactors.
  7. Assess stress levels as well as biological versus chronological age.
  8. State diet, exercise and lifestyle changes to improve longevity.
  9. Define exercise prescription and guidelines for older adults.
  10. Recognize good versus poor posture and its effects on aging.
  11. Apply exercise recommendations for older individuals.
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