Flipping Fifty Specialty Program for Trainers


Flipping Fifty Specialty Program for Trainers


An online specialty course to expand your knowledge base, position your expertise, and deliver premium services to your clients! Position yourself for a market ready to invest in answers!

There are 38 MILLION female Baby Boomers (and 25 MILLION Generation X women right behind them) with hormonal concerns. Too often, clients with hormone imbalance require a special program, but instead are given a standard exercise prescription. Those clients are seeking support, but they’re not finding enough options, and they’re ready to invest in the right answers. Position yourself in a market hungry for answers, and willing to invest in getting the right guidance!

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Course Author: Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS, 30-year fitness trainer, wellness coach and speaker.

Level: Certificate

  • The Flipping Fifty Specialty Program gives you training on specific hormone imbalance issues.
  • Teaches how you can effectively support your clients in dealing with hormone imbalance issues.

Here’s what you get with your Flipping Fifty Specialty Program:

  • Access to the After 50 Fitness Course ($147 value)
  • Coaching Modules (audio)
  • Course Notes
  • Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion
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