Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals


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Author: Greg Mack, Founder and CEO of Exercise Professional Education, LLC.

You are in the human service business. It’s a shame when passionate and committed owners and coaches simply cannot stay in the business because they lack the competencies necessary to meet humans, and tactfully and purposefully interact to get to a win-win decision about engaging your professional services, or not. A decision to avoid making this professional investment will only lead to continued frustration and fear that you will have to leave the industry and work you love. The course teaches you key communication skills on how to build a quality practice that will last beyond your lifetime, which is based on the quality of the people, and the quality of the relationships, that you allow into your practice. This course is about making money as an Exercise Professional in an ethical way.

You will receive:

  • A complete and proven system for effective selling, interviewing, and retaining high quality clients.
  • 28 hours of concentrated video content, allowing you to work at your own pace and convenience.
  • 200 Pages of workbook, and all of the documents to help you succeed.
  • Long Term Positive Reinforcement

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You should take this course if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You are struggling to get new clients.
  • You are frustrated with clients who seem so excited in the beginning, and then just leave.
  • You are considering leaving the field because you can’t make enough money to remain.

The Ethical Selling (Interviewing) for Exercise Professionals course is built to help you build a high quality and successful professional practice. The course teaches exercise professionals and therapists to be just that – professional. The philosophy and methodologies will help you to find and build lifelong professional relationships with the individuals in your local community. Although the course is framed in terms of selling it is about developing the intra-personal and interpersonal communication skills that will result in win-win transactions.

The course addresses:

  1. Your own fears and anxieties about talking to strangers.
  2. Helps you to develop specific skills to negotiate the aggressive “commodity” minded customer who pushes you to give prices, service features, and service benefits before value is truly established and understood.
  3. Tracking the behaviors necessary to reach your financial goals.

This not a course that teaches “selling” in the traditional sense, but one that encourages you to think about, and approach, the transaction as a series of strategic interviews that progressively qualifies the potential client for each step leading towards the final decision to hire and retain you as their personal professional coach for life.