Cancer Recovery Specialist


Cancer Recovery Specialist


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Achieve the education and credential to start training cancer recovery patients. A Cancer Recovery Specialist is a fitness professional who supports long-term recovery by supplementing medical treatment with hands-on fitness principles. As a Certified Personal Trainer with this distinction, you can design exercise programs for cancer patients and survivors in order that they can further their health, fitness, mental well-being and regain confidence. Together, we can make a difference through our dedication to the cause of awareness and overall better daily living. A health and fitness plan, at any level, can bring people to a better place in their recovery. Join us to improve lives.

Estimated Time needed to complete this course is 12 hours. This course awards 2.0 NFPT, and others.

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If you are a certified personal fitness trainer or allied health professional, then you’re half way there. If you have compassion for those affected by cancer and wish to support their safe recovery into surviving cancer with more than just survival but with a new found spirit for life, then you’re ready for this course.

This is an Advanced Specialty Certificate course that, upon successful completion, qualifies you to safely and effectively train cancer recovery clients. Some cancer survivors are under the impression that they should remain inactive because it helps with fatigue and speeds recovery – wrong! Exercise during and after cancer surgery and treatments is extremely helpful for one’s physical and mental well-being.Statistically and unfortunately, cancer rates are on the rise at alarming rates. Trainers are often faced with how to effectively help a cancer survivor to maintain their quality of life without putting them at risk for injury. This course will provide you with the tools to improve the quality of a cancer survivor’s life through the right kind of exercise, strengthening and stretching.


  • Safe and Effective Exercise for Cancer Patients
  • Mindful Stretching & Strength Training
  • Upper Body Stretching and ROM Exercises
  • Total Body Stretching – Standing and Floor
  • Posture, Balance & Core Strengthening
  • Understanding Osteoporosis & Lymphedema
  • Fitness after Breast, Gynecological & Prostate Cancer

Course Author: Carol Michaels, MBA ACE ACSM

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