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Back Injury Prevention Specialist


Back Injury Prevention Specialist


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This step-by-step course prepares you to implement a safe and integrated back exercise program for more efficient movement. Get new stabilization training techniques as a prerequisite to the general strengthening of the back and the surrounding musculature for rehab patients, athletes and other fitness enthusiasts.

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The course is approved for up to 11 credit hours. See this partner’s website for more details.

Course Objectives

  1. Amplify knowledge on human back anatomy.
  2. List 10 back pain risk factors.
  3. List 10 back medical alternatives.
  4. Identify correct standing, sitting and lying down postures.
  5. Recognize diagnostic back tests.
  6. Identify 10 lifestyle and prevention strategies.
  7. Define pathologies responsible for a back injury
  8. Expand myofascial back pain and lumbar disorder knowledge.
  9. Recognize when to refer clients to physicians.
  10. Apply suitable cues to exercise techniques.
  11. Demonstrate dynamic core exercises.
  12. Apply programs that contain safe back exercises.
  13. Demonstrate body weight and ball back exercises.
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