Cognitive Fitness: Modifying Your Exercise Variables for Brain-Based Outcomes


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Presented by Ryan Glatt
Bsc. Exercise Science, NASM-CPT, FAFS
Creator of the Brain Health Trainer Course
Pacific Brain Health Center

You’re helping your clients slow physical decline, but what about increasing their cognitive reserve at the same time? “Brain-training” and cognitive stimulation are becoming mainstream, bringing with it ripe opportunities for slowing cognitive decline, but also breeding snake-oil solutions. Luckily, emerging evidence is showing promise for cognitively-enhanced physical activity, ideally in combination with other lifestyle modifications. Discover simple yet powerful techniques for combining exercise with cognitive stimulus simultaneously, and begin to see domains of cognition as a programmatic outcome, similar to weight loss or hypertrophy. Learn the difference between simultaneous, consecutive, and isolated cognitive-physical training, and how best to program brain-health strategies for your clients.

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Ryan Glatt, FAFS, BSc is a psychometrist and Brain Health Coach at the Brain Health Center in the Pacific Neuroscience Institute. With a strong background in exercise science and human health, Ryan develops curricula specifically targeted towards those with dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and traumatic brain injury, coaching individuals towards optimal brain health.

As well as developing programs for the health and fitness industry on health neuroscience, Ryan actively consults for brain-based technology companies like SMARTFit. He has completed brain health programs from the Amen Clinics, the NeuroCoaching Institute, the Neuroscience Academy, the NeuroLeadership Institute, Neuroscience for Coaches, and others on the topics of brain health, sleep, and mindfulness.

Ryan pursues continued education in exercise programs and works with subject matter experts and leading edge technologies in the fields of neurorehabilitation, neurorestoration, and cognitive enhancement in hopes of bringing them to communities in need. He is dedicated to solving the problems associated with neurodegeneration and its effects on health and wellness.