Don’t Train Sick People (Capitalize on the Greatest Opportunity)


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Presented by Phil Kaplan

This webinar is intended to shatter some of the flawed perceptions that suggest Medical Fitness asks fitness professionals to train “sick people.”  The fact is, our population is riddled with individuals who are fully functional in society, living “normal” lives, but hosting the progression of chronic disease.

After watching, you’ll clearly see the opportunity in developing an enhanced skill set to help a massive market in need find restoration of excellence.

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Phil Kaplan is a 30-year veteran of the fitness field and a pioneer in the realm of Personal Training.  The first Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient from Personal Fitness Professional, he’s appeared on over 1000 TV and radio shows sharing “the Fitness Truth.” Through seminars, articles, appearances, and programs, Phil paved the way for personal trainers setting a model for Professional Excellence and establishing oft-imitated paradigms for “selling fitness” in health club, corporate, and studio settings.

With extensive experience as a health club owner, media personality, author, and international speaker, he’s gained rare insights into the elements of mind, body, and spirit that integrate to manifest positive physical change and has created programs with unprecedented levels of outcome and compliance including TRANSFORM (over 75,000 copies sold) and The ANSWER.

In 2012, Phil launched his A.L.I.V.E. Program as an exercise and eating intervention aimed at helping reverse chronic disease in a 21st century “unwell” population and he’s since paved the way for “the space in between” fitness and medicine.  As a consumer advocate and a staunch proponent of “healing through movement, nutrition and environment,” through his newest “Be Better” and “TransGenesis” Programs, he continues to educate medical and fitness professional in the power health practitioners have to move our population away from dis-ease, and the power Personal Trainers have to command the reward they deserve.

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