Going to the Next Level: Diagnosing Movement Dysfunction to INDIVIDUALIZE Your Corrective Exercise Programming


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Presented by Dr. Mark Erickson

Everything is changing in the healthcare industry.  The cost of services is not sustainable necessitating change in delivery models, and exercise professionals are well-positioned to thrive in this new environment.  Clients prefer a model of prevention and wellness over a model of disease management and are seeking health care professionals who can effectively provide excellent services for a reasonable price.  To meet the demands of this landscape, general fitness programming alone is insufficient.  Effective corrective exercise programming for clients who seek our help after injury or surgery, or for those who present to us with pain, requires that we are able function at the next level.  The exercise professional need current, specific evidence-based assessment tools to accurately identify specific movement dysfunctions as the first step in designing focused, comprehensive, effective and individualized corrective exercise programs that effectively target impairments efficiently for optimal function.

In this webinar, Dr. Erickson will provide a roadmap to successful client management within a holistic health and wellness perspective.

This webinar will open the door to a new perspective on the diagnostic role the exercise professional can play in this ever-changing healthcare environment while presenting content you can start implementing with your clients immediately.

In this webinar, you’ll learn…

  • To integrate a review of systems, the Transtheoretical Model, kinesiophobia, static posture observation, dynamic movement assessment, specific flexibility testing, manual muscle testing, specific rep max testing, joint mobility assessment, and balance assessments into your comprehensive client evaluation.
  • The clinical reasoning process leading to accurate diagnosis, prognosis and implementation of an effective, focused, individualized corrective exercise program to help your clients reach their goals safely and efficiently.
  • How to make an informed referrals to other members of the health and wellness team such as physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and counselors, and others.

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Dr. Mark Erickson, PT, MA, DScPT, OSC, COMT, holds an Associate Professor faculty position within the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Florida Gulf Coast University where he teaches Therapeutic Exercise, Orthopedic Assessment and Rehabilitation, Clinical Reasoning, and Care and Prevention of Human Performance Injuries.

Dr. Erickson has been practicing physical therapy thirty-five years and teaching in entry-level PT, orthopedic residency and post-professional continuing education for twenty-seven years.  He has a very active scholarly agenda focused on innovative teaching and learning, clinical reasoning, manual therapy, orthopedic assessment and treatment, and integrated patient care.  He is also a certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and applies body awareness into both patient care and student learning.

Dr. Erickson is a dynamic speaker and has presented at several national and regional conferences on multiple topics.  He also owns and operates a private practice focusing on persistent pain, orthopedic injury and surgery, golf fitness and rehabilitation, and the performing arts.