The Truth about Food: Of Science, Sense, and Expert Consensus – And All that Conspires Against Them​

Presented by Preventative Medicine Expert and Globally Recognized Authority on Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. David Katz​

The truth about food – for the health of people and planet alike – hides in plain sight, like that infamous elephant in the room no one manages to see. Why is simple truth so hard to perceive? Why does it struggle to prevail?

Because a status quo that perpetuates pseudo-confusion about diet, while injurious to the many, is highly lucrative to the powerful few.

  • Who are the many, and how are we affected?
  • Who are the few, and what are their motives and methods?
  • Most importantly, what can we do to amplify the truth so that it is actionable in the service of adding years to life, life to years, and helping to sustain the vitality of this beautiful planet?

This webinar with Dr. David Katz will probe these questions, and offer up answers.

Presented via GoTo Webinar. This free webinar is made possible by the MedFit Education Foundation.

Presented by David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM

  • CEO, DietID
  • President, True Health Initiative
  • Founding Director, Yale-Griffin PRC (1998-2019)
  • Health Journalist and Author